CRN Registration

bundle CRN REGISTRATION Pressure retaining components must be registered in the province(s) of installation. Upon registration, a Canadian Registration Number (CRN) is issued. The registration is governed by Canadian Standards Association CSA B51 Standard, which provides guidelines for registration of various mechanical designs including but not limited to boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, steam traps, piping systems, and fittings. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler and Pressure Vessel (BPV) Code and various other design Codes (including MSS, API, ANSI, UL etc.) are referenced by this standard and outlines the rules for design. ANRIC assists manufacturing companies in obtaining CRNs for all components listed in CSA B51. For details of our CRN related services, please see CRN Services or send us an inquiry. Design Registration – Numbering System Designs and specifications that are accepted and registered by the regulatory authority shall be assigned a Canadian Registration Number. The province in which a design is registered shall be indicated by a digit or letter following a decimal point. When a design that is registered in a province is subsequently registered in other provinces, additional digits or letters identifying those provinces shall be added after the digit or letter representing the original registering province. For example, a design for valves registered in Ontario and allotted the registration number 0C4567 will be registered as CRN 0C4567.5. If this design is subsequently registered in Alberta, the CRN will be 0C4567.52; and if afterwards registered in Manitoba, the CRN will be 0C4567.524. If a design is registered in all provinces and territories, the CRN stamped on the nameplate and marked on the data report may be shortened to include the designation of first registration plus the letter “C”, e.g., 0C4567.5C. CRN Registration – Renewal Registrations of fittings shall be resubmitted for validation not more than ten years after the date of acceptance by the regulatory authority in the original registering province or by a nationally recognized organization. A CRN may also need to be revised if there are changes to a product, system design, operating conditions, or if the applicable codes and standards have changed or been updated. ANRIC understands the requirements and conditions which govern the validity of CRNs. Design Analysis – Inspection and Testing ASME code and/or standard calculations are an essential part of a design submission.  The submission package must have all relevant information, drawings, calculations and documentation. Inspection and Testing The CRN submission for some designs may require proof testing as specified in CSA B51, Clause 4.2.6. ANRIC will assess the necessity of testing in the submission. ANRIC has good relationships with testing laboratories and inspection agencies across Canada which allows successful testing. Provincial regulations also require that all proof test results be witnessed by a National Board (NB) Authorized Inspector. ANRIC can make arrangements with the Authorized Inspector to witness testing in order to ensure ASME Code compliance. Proper testing is a step toward a problem-free submission. Relationship with Regulators – Consultation Over the past fifteen years ANRIC Enterprises Inc. has worked effectively with provincial regulators and has earned their trust as a respected CRN registration participant. Often less-experienced participants encounter difficulties and delays when their supporting application information is found inadequate or incomplete. However, ANRIC has the experience and successful track record to avoid these difficulties. Manufacturers wishing to streamline their registration experience also rely on ANRIC Enterprises to ensure that their submissions are complete and correct the first time. Even when clients have faced an initial failed CRN submission, ANRIC Enterprises Inc. may be able to help by careful review of documentation to identify problems that caused the failure. Then ANRIC Enterprises Inc. can assist the client to prepare the second application confident of a successful outcome.