ANRIC has a strong culture of safety, thoroughness and quality. The key to your success in the nuclear industry is your ability to assure safety, meet all relevant regulatory requirements and ensure that your staff understands and can confidently implement safety related requirements and procedures.

ANRIC helps you assure regulatory compliance and technical quality through:

Assessment – ANRIC will survey your facilities and review procedures to identify potential deficits in meeting technical and regulatory requirements
Planning – ANRIC will develop a rigorous plan that addresses these deficits and leads to compliance with the relevant standards
Preparation – ANRIC can develop and update quality program manuals to comply with regulatory requirements for regulatory surveys and audits
Training – ANRIC can provide with initial, advanced and re-qualification training for pre-certification and to meet new regulatory standards

ANRIC has proven expertise in assisting companies implement Nuclear Quality Assurance (QA) Programs, and obtain nuclear quality certification from regulatory authorities.