Who We Are

ANRIC Enterprises, a leader in the nuclear industry founded in 1998 by Richard W. Barnes to provide professional engineering services associated with the evaluation and development of system and component pressure boundary design for over 30 years.

ANRIC has played a pivotal role in helping companies design, build, register, and operate pressure vessel systems for both nuclear and non-nuclear power systems. We have achieved an international reputation in the nuclear industry as an expert in the codes and standards for both the ASM and CSA standard organizations.

ANRIC, along with its award-winning engineering staff is known for its commitment to excellence and above all safety. We maintain the highest level of accuracy and quality applied to every project, assisting their clients to achieve their goals. Our focus is customer service today and we are poised to play a significant role in the new technology for high temperature design and construction associated with small modular reactors.

ANRIC will continue to provide solutions for companies around the globe and codes and standards, whether it is through professional development, quality assurance, CRN design registration, design, review calculations, or compliance services.

ANRIC is solutions for pressure boundary design, small modular reactors, quality assurance codes, and standards, training programs,

ANRIC delivers professional service, quality, accuracy, excellence. We look forward to working with you, helping you achieve your goals. Your success is our goal. This is who we are.