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This date is flexible. The examination is a written exam and will be held at ANRIC Offices. It can be held at any time. The date, time and location will be arranged with the ANRIC Training Coordinator. Please communicate your interest to the Training Coordinator through an email sent to [email protected].


Register four weeks before and pay at time of registration:
$650.00 (pp/plus HST)


This written exam has been developed to meet the examination requirements of Section III, for qualification of a Lead Auditor


  • This is a written examination as required by Section III NCA 4000/NQA-1. It is a supervised, open book
    examination conducted over a 4-hour period.
  • The examination is a test of the participants’ knowledge of the attributes and skills required of a Nuclear
    Lead Auditor. It is also a test of the basic technical knowledge required by a Nuclear Lead Auditor to develop an appropriate Audit Plan and Audit Team capable of conducting an effective survey and/or audit.

Prerequisite For Participants:

There are prerequisites for participants that are required to be completed before taking this
examination. Participation in this examination is limited to:

  • Persons who have successfully participated in an NCA-4000/NQA-1 course at ANRIC Enterprises Inc. or those who have proof of training in this subject from another recognized institution; and
  • Persons who can provide objective evidence of training in Lead Auditor skills and attributes; and
  • Persons who can provide objective evidence of auditor experience and/or appropriate qualification with a utility operating nuclear power plants or a company involved in the construction of nuclear components or


PAYMENT: Full payment is due at time of registration. Payment can be made via credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express), or
purchase order.

PARKING: There is parking available for a fee of $5.00 per day. There is parking at 701 and 703 Evans Ave

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